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Daily Tips For Better Postures

Feb 05,2020 | Miss Balance

Stand Smart

Do maintain a neutral spine position such that a straight line runs from your ears to your shoulders, and from your hips and to your knees.

Don't stick your bottom out, stand with a flat back, stand on one leg, stand with your back hunched or stand with text neck.







Sit Smart

Do sit in an upright position. Support your lower back, elbows and feet. You can do this by cushioning your lower back, resting your elbows on your table or the handles of your chair, and placing your feet on the ground. If your feet cannot reach the ground, rest them on a small stool. Your shoulders should be relaxed. Adjust your screen such that it is slightly below your eye level.







Don’t sit for prolonged periods of time in the office or during a long flight when you have no support for your back. Ensuring we are not sedentary is just as important as maintaining good posture.


Lift Smart

Do let your legs do the work. Keep your back straight and only bend at the knees and hips. Hold the load close to your body.


Don't bend your back while lifting a heavy load. Avoid lifting and twisting your body at the same time.


Keep moving

Do strengthen your core muscles so they can support your spine and prevent back pain and injury.