Walk With Ease: Kickstarting a Walking Routine

Walking is a great way to start getting into fitness, and it also brings along a myriad of health benefits. If you are just getting started, there are some easy ways to incorporate some extra steps into your day to day. From there, you can ease into setting aside time for a regular walking routine. 

3 simple ways to incorporate walking into your daily routine:

  1. Whenever possible, choose to walk over taking your car or public transport. 
  2. During mealtimes, walk to a nearby food place and encourage your colleagues and friends to join you! You could also opt to bring your own lunch and walk to park for an afternoon stroll
  3. If possible, take your meetings on the go. Walking helps to stimulate the mind and will push for more meaningful and creative brainstorming sessions! 

Once you’re ready to embark on a walking routine, here are some steps you can take to make it a regular activity:


Having a walking companion keeps you committed to your daily walks, so it’s easier for you to maintain a regular walking program. Your walking companion could be your dog, a friend, or you can also consider joining a walking club. After all, walking with a friend definitely makes your walks much more enjoyable! 


We cannot stress enough the importance of good fitting walking shoes. It’s the only equipment you need for walking so it’s of utmost importance that you find the right pair. Look for walking shoes with long lasting stable arch support, and stability when you walk. It helps you walk further more comfortably, without any pain. You will probably look forward to your walks too!


Setting goals and tracking your progress keeps you motivated and excited to keep walking. It could be as simple as hitting 10,000 steps for a week, before increasing the step count goal. You could invest in inexpensive pedometers or download fitness apps on your phone to help you log your progress. Remember to reward yourself when you achieve new milestones, you earned it!


Once you are settled into your walking program, consider mixing it up with different walking routes. Walking around the area every day can get stagnant and boring, which might deter you from continuing in the long run. Look up nearby hiking trails or parks to visit once a week will keep you looking forward to those walks!


If you’re serious about starting a walking routine, schedule it in as you would for any important appointment. You will subconsciously set aside time for your daily walks and that’s how the habit of walking will form! Of course, remember to always listen to your body. On long days where your body is extremely tired, you could opt for shorter walks or simply give it a miss that day. You don’t want to push yourself and risk any injuries.

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