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What To Look Out For When Choosing A Pilates Instructor

Feb 17,2021 | Miss Balance

1. Check their qualifications. There are some studios that are certified with qualifications that are recognized worldwide (for example, Merrithew) while other studios certify themselves. You can find out which training bodies are trusted and reputable through a Google search.


2. Years of experience. can serve as a gauge, but it is not a foolproof guarantee. Someone could have many years of experience, but if they are not constantly upgrading themselves,then they may not necessarily be better than someone who is new. Check how recent their certifications are -someone who is constantly updating their knowledge should have certifications of attendance from workshops to show for it.


3. Possession and communication of knowledge. On top of having the knowledge, your instructor should be able to share it with you. Instead of simply telling you what to do, they should be able to explain how the movement will help or change your body. For instance, many clients who want to strengthen their cores are under the common misconception that the core is only made up of the abs; as a result of which, they come into classes thinking they are going to do a lot of workout on the abdomen. A good instructor should be able to communicate to their client that the core actually consists of many muscles located in the trunk of the body and explain how the exercises they are prescribing strengthens the different parts.


4. Open to your feedback. If the movements they are making you do don’t feel good and cause you pain, they should listen to you and tailor the exercise to suit your body type.


5. How well you get along with them. If your personalities clash or the  instructor’s communication style doesn’t suit you, then working together may be difficult, especially since some Pilates classes are one-on-one.


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