How are Sunnystep shoes different from other shoes out there?

Sunnystep shoes are designed to minimise stress to the feet and the body, hence it’s extremely comfortable and made for long walking. The versatile modern look also makes it an everyday wardrobe staple. Our innovative insole technology ensures that the stable arch support does not sink over time and it comes with acupressure massage points to alleviate muscle strain. There is extra gel cushioning at the heel and the ball of foot to provide more stability and comfort. The shoes come with many thoughtful design details to maximise comfort. They are super lightweight, blister-free, water-resistant, breathable and easy to clean. Last but not least, they are designed for Asian feet that are wider and flatter. There is a wider front with enough room for the toes to wriggle.


How do I refer a friend?

For online referral, you can find your referral link by clicking on "Refer A Friend" in our home page menu and log into your account. Your referral link will appear in the pop-up at the bottom right of home page. Your friends can use that referral link to order directly online and get $5 off, you will also get $5 off automatically for your next online purchase.

For offline referral in our retail locations, your friends can just let our staff know your phone number or email address for us to verify your information in our system so that they can enjoy $5 off. Please make sure that you leave your contact when you make your first purchase, so that we can verify your referrals later.


How do I maintain the shoes?

Clean your shoes at least once a month, or whenever they look dirty to you. Brush off any dirt or stains with wet wipes or a soft brush. Remove the insoles. You can brush the insoles and the uppers with soapy water before rinsing them. Leave to air-dry. You can alternate between wearing two pairs of shoes instead of wearing the same pair everyday. Wear your shoes properly. Don’t step on the back of shoes. 


How do I exchange or return the shoes?

We are pleased to accept timely returns or exchanges* of unworn and undamaged shoes within 14 days from the date you receive your order for all orders made in Singapore. We would recommend you to WhatsApp text us at +65 84327097 or email to inform us in advance. Our preferred return and exchange address is any of our retail locations below: 

#02-38C, Bugis Junction, 11am - 9pm

#02-34, Nex, 11am - 9pm

#01-K3 VivoCity, outside level 1 NTUC Fairprice / Unity entrance 11am - 9pm

#02-74 Square 2@Novena, 10 Sinaran Drive, 11am - 9pm

Please bring the shoes you want to exchange or return in its original packaging.

*Size exchange only


Are Sunnystep shoes suitable for pregnant women?

Absolutely. Pregnancy weight exerts a lot of stress on our feet and our body. Sunnystep shoes can provide the much needed relief to the mums-to-be with its stable arch support and extremely comfortable design. For all the lovely pregnant ladies out there, please note that high heels can create imbalance in our pelvic floor and increase instability in the spine, flip-flops and flats do not provide enough support for our bodies. Please choose shoes that fit your feet well and make sure there is a finger space from the front of the shoes and your big toe.


Are Sunnystep shoes suitable for people with foot problems such as flat feet or bunions?

Yes. For people with arch issues, it’s very important for them to wear shoes with a good arch support so that the flat feet do not collapse further. Sunnystep arch support is made of PU instead of memory foam and hence it does not sink over time. The insoles also come with acupressure massage points to alleviate muscle strain. There is extra gel cushioning at the heel and the ball of foot to provide more stability and comfort.

For people with bunions, the premium microfiber material we use for the uppers is soft and skin-friendly and hence it does not hurt the bunions. The wider front of the shoes also provided much needed relief for the toes.


Can you jog in the Balance Walker or the Balance Runner?

Yes you can jog in either Balance Walker or Balance Runner. We recommend Balance Runner if you want to jog for a longer distance because you can tighten up the laces to provide more support if needed. You can jog in Balance Walker also if the fit is good. We don’t recommend wearing Sunnystep shoes for extreme sports like marathons or rock climbing as those sports require professional equipment shoes.


Are the shoes slippery?

Sunnystep shoes are not slippery. The outsole bottoms come with deep grooves to increase friction. However we still advise you to be careful when walking on wet or oily surfaces.


Where are the shoes made?

We are a local Singaporean brand. The shoes are designed in Singapore and manufactured in China.


Will the shoes expand?

Sunnystep shoes maintain their shapes very well overtime. The premium microfibre we used for the uppers is both durable and easy to maintain. Please take note that the limited suede texture collection will expand slightly more than the vegan leather collection.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship worldwide. Shipping fees for international shipping will show up at your online checkout. It varies by country. Shipping fees might apply for promoted items for domestic shipping in Singapore.

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